Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Manny Pacquiao vs. Juan Manuel Marquez III - The Fight Preview & Prediction

One certain of the most hotly predicted fights in boxing has final but not minimum been scheduled, as Manny Pacquiao meets Juan Manuel Marquez for the third time on November twelve at the MGM Grand. Excepting Pacquiao vs. Mayweather and just it is achievable Klitschko vs. Klitschko, this is the battle boxing supporters want to see, and have been in search of to see taking into consideration that the 2008 rematch in amongst these two gladiators. That the battle is more than the WBO Welterweight Title is totally overshadowed by this most modern installment in what is modern boxing's very best rivalry.

Juan Manuel Marquez (53-five-1, 39 KOs)
5'7" tall, 67" realize, 37 several several years old
Previous featherweight champion, past super featherweight champion, existing WBA/WBO Light-weight Champion

Even even though he is displaying some indications of age and has slowed down a tad, Marquez continues to be the excellent 135 lbs fighter in the overall globe for quite a few causes. He is a single of the most skillful counter-punchers in the on-line recreation right now, but also a gritty Mexican warrior with great punching energy and a sturdy chin. Though not as promptly as he utilized to be, Marquez is nevertheless really quick. The reigning King of Mexican Boxing is also a wizened veteran sitting atop a mountain of information, as adequately as a sagacious ring typical.

At first, is Manny Pacquiao a genuine welterweight? In phrases of his human body body, I think about he is actually a light welterweight at best, primarily since at his absolute heaviest he suggestions the scales only a handful of ounces north of 145 lbs. This is not a guy who, even in suggestion-foremost kind, desires to shed a ton much more than a dozen lbs to make fat for a bout at 147 lbs. The catchweight for the overcome with Marquez, 144 lbs., points straight to that fact. I imagine Pacquaio has grown into a larger guy than Marquez, but not so considerably larger that he is really two whole bodyweight divisions greater. Marquez is a sound, whole-sized light-pounds Pacquiao is a reputable, entire-sized light welterweight. The difference is a matter of five lbs, give or consider, so I under no circumstances sense Pacquiao is heading to blow Marquez away essentially because of to the reality he is the greater guy.

But Pacquiao is not the identical fighter he was in 2008, enable by on your own 2004. Beneath the tutelage of Freddie Roach, he has flip out to be a appreciably far much more polished and properly-rounded boxer-puncher. Whilst I concur with this stage, I take into account as properly a wonderful offer is produced of it because of to Pacquiao's wonderful run of achievement in modern-day quite a few a long time. The 2011 edition of Pacman is a a fantastic deal much better fighter than the 2004 edition, but what about the 2008 edition? Marquez arrived inside of a hair of cleanly beating Pacquiao early on in his Roach-certified years. As with dimensions, this is a factor, but not as huge a facet as I sense the very well-identified creativity can make it out to be.

I think about the most important remodel amongst 2008 and 2011 is in speed. Pacquiao was often far more quickly than Marquez, but Marquez has slowed considerably in recent many many years. As the gap widens in phrases of pace, I genuinely really don't think Pacquiao will uncover it any a great deal less complicated to score on Marquez. As an choice, I imagine Marquez will come across it harder to counter-punch Pacquiao, as his reduced hand velocity and Pacquiao's moderately improved defense arrive collectively to shut off all individuals possibilities.

Vs . that, it have to be mentioned that Juan Manuel Marquez is hungry for this battle, possibly hungrier than he has been for any fight in his living. Manny Pacquiao has avoided a rematch for 3 lengthy a long time, and the rubber match with Marquez has arrive about either only because Pacman's staff think about Marquez is ripe for the picking or generally simply because they have so few of feasible PPV-worthy alternatives.

In Pacquiao's head, he is the biggest in the planet, has previously taken Marquez twice, and the actual challenge is Floyd Mayweather. Pacquiao is a capable and a warrior, so I never ever feel he will arrive into the ring unprepared. Even so, he will not be focused like a laser beam like Marquez will. For Marquez, this may possibly be his final likelihood to defeat his arch-rival and protected his legacy, and that brings distinct variables out of a fighter. Pacquiao doesn't have that considerably at stake.

In my head, this bout has anything at all in common with Muhammad Ali vs. Joe Frazier II, in that like Ali, Pacquiao has hit his stride in a new stage in his task and enhanced accordingly. Marquez, like Frazier, has declined marginally. Accordingly, I think Pacquiao will very last but not minimum score a thoroughly clean win over Juan Manuel Marquez.

Nonetheless this will absolutely be the most popular, most aggressive bout Pacquiao has seen in many years, given that contrary to virtually all of his newest opponents, Marquez will not collapse into a defensive shell and give up trying to win adhering to a handful of rounds. Even so, I are not able to see a just-prior-his-prime Marquez prevailing far more than Pacquiao at his peak. The King of Mexican Boxing will win rounds and score wicked blows, and a solitary or two judges might even see the battle as shut. But viewed as a comprehensive, the bout will see Pacquiao's gale-pressure momentum carrying him to a decisive victory.

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