Monday, November 28, 2011

Pacquiao Vs Marquez 20: Possible to Happen?

First of, I would like to say Happy Thanks Giving USA.

This is just my imagination after seeing this picture on face book. I do not know what the meaning of the message written there is but I deeply understand that Pacquiao Vs Marquez fight is never ending. Do you agree with me? Pacquiao vs Marquez 3 was said to be the final or the decision fight, but what a coincidence that the fight push to have another war?

Sounds strange, many predictions come out. Manny images draw out. And finally, from Pacquiao vs Marquez 3 there is the next Pacquiao vs Marquez 4?

How about if still controversial?

Another fight? again?

Until if will reach to Pacquiao Vs Marquez 20?

can you imagine the pictures above? is that fun having that face fighting at the ring?

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Friday, November 25, 2011

Pacquiao vs. Mayweather: The reason why Pac-Man Need to Fear Pretty Boy

You might even ask now that Pacquiao really afraid of Mayweather? This prediction cames out after Pacquiao vs Marquez 3 fight. Because Pacquiao did not even show his power for the boxing, we remember that most of the people believe that Marquez has a greater boxing performance against Pacquiao is the said fight. In this way Pacquiao vs Mayweather is very far to happen.

Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather have tried discussions of meeting up for a combat for the ages, yet still simply no fight has been introduced. Yet in the interest of Pacquiao, not having a fight towards "Pretty Boy" Mayweather is the the most effective move.


Based on Black Sports Online, discussions between the two sides are taking place and he is prepared for a combat with Mayweather.


Pacquiao had the subsequent to state in terms of a future match up:


Discussions are continuous for my battle with Mayweather, but nothing is final. Mayweather might be considering, I'm able to fight Pacquiao now because he had problems against Marquez, and I surely could take down Marquez. This is exactly what boxing fans are looking forward to.


Inspite of the negotiations on terms, Pacquiao is simply not completely ready for a fight of this degree.


For one, Pacquiao will come off a fight to forget, as he was hardly capable to edge out Juan Manuel Marquez in the fight that he showed both tiredness plus an inability to dominate the battle. Granted, Marquez is a deserving, completed fighter, he's no Pacquiao and yet surely could receive the best of him in the ring.


Pacquiao's final 5 matches came right down to decisions, as he might be unable to receive the TKOs or KOs that he, once upon time, would make consistently.


Inside the Marquez fight there seemed to be a big fatigue issue with Pacquiao. He was out-boxed in the final rounds and put towards the test. There was plenty around the sport who believed Marquez in fact had the higher quality overall performance. Pacquiao was able to land just 30 % of his blows and 19 percent of his jabs, with Marquez landing 32 and 21 percent, correspondingly.


Due to the fact Pac-Man is coming off debatably one of his toughest fights of late, unquestionably a fight against Mayweather is requesting trouble, as the energy and potent degree of boxing is certainly not there for the Filipino-sensation.


The other important factor is the truth that Pac-Man's marketer, Bob Arum, continues to keep Pacquiao from fighting Mayweather. Golden Boy Promotions CEO Richard Schaefer advised the following: "We have already been informed that Bob Arum is just not fascinated by pursuing a fight between Mayweather and Pacquiao right now."


The fact Arum continues to avoid a potential megafight between the two well-respected boxers helps it be much more evident Pac-Man isn't and will not be ready for a showdown with Mayweather. While, in fact, you will discover sources supporting ongoing negotations at that time.


Make no fault over it, Pacquiao belongs to the stronger fighters to grace the sport lately.


However, dependant on his recent sommation and Arum's claims, Pac-Man isn't ready for Pretty Boy. The undefeated, 42-0 Mayweather has Pacquiao afraid of tarnishing his reputation as the better boxers in the sport.


Pacquiao Vs Mayweather Fight Blog


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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Cotto vs Margarito II: Joshua Clottey Wants Rematch With the Winner, Watch OUT

The war is coming, Cotto vs Margarito 2 fight will be this coming Dcember 3. This will be the most awaite fight, Margarito is taller than Cotto and they predict that Cotto will win this fight. Let us see.


A large amount of fighters in or around the 154-pound section are going to want a shot at the man who happens victorious between Miguel Cotto and Antonio Margarito when the above rematch on December 3. And Joshua Clottey, that has fought both in the past and made his ring come back on November 19 in Houston, desires his hat thrown in. From Ryan Burton:


"I hurt my hand in the Margarito fight. A lot of people thought that I beat Cotto. That was a close fight. I would like the chance to fight either of those guys again," Clottey told


Clottey (36-4, 21 KO) did give a fine accounting of himself against Cotto in 2009, and against Margarito in 2007. The biggest problem moving forward that Joshua Clottey will probably face is that he has the status -- which might or might not still be true, we'll find out -- of overvaluing himself. Specially in this world of ours where Clottey laid an egg on pay-per-view against Manny Pacquiao in March 2010, Clottey just isn't a fighter that networks are dying to use TV. He's excellent, but he's not exciting, he's not well-liked, and he has no impact on TV ratings.


In his return fight against Calvin Green last Saturday evening, he was aggressive, took power over the battle, and halted an overmatched foe in two. Fighting just over 154 pounds, Clottey seemed who is fit, and at 34, he has not taken a great deal of damage over his career. He could be a challenger once more, but he might need to prove himself once more.


Watch Cotto Vs Margarito 2 Fight Online


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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Antonio Margarito vs. Miguel Cotto 2 - Understanding the Margarito Licensing Situation

One thing that has been requested has been a little more boxing coverage here at Bloody Elbow, so going forward we'll touch on major boxing events and recap the weekend's action. But your home for the best boxing coverage at SB Nation is still Bad Left Hook, so make sure you keep up with things there as well. We'll be starting our new boxing coverage with a two part feature on the Antonio Margarito vs. Miguel Cotto fight, today discussing Margarito's issues acquiring a license for the rematch scheduled for December 3 and tomorrow diving into the incredible marketing of the fight.

The very mention of Antonio Margarito's name is enough to strike up an immediate emotional reaction from most combat fans. Margarito went from on top of the world after defeating Miguel Angel Cotto in a thrilling fight in July of 2008 he got a fight with Shane Mosley in January 2009. During the hand wrapping process for the Mosley fight, Shane's trainer noticed Margarito's wraps had a strange substance on them. The wraps were eventually found to have plaster of paris on them, which would have hardened to give him a dangerous advantage in the bout.

Margarito would have to have his hands re-wraped and would then go on to take a vicious beating at the hands of Mosely in "Sugar" Shane's last great performance.

The end result of the handwrapping controversy was a year suspension of Margarito's boxing license by the state of California and a reputation that will never recover.

Margarito is set to face Cotto in a rematch on December 3 in New York City. Cotto feels that his loss the first time around can't be fully accepted as Margarito may have cheated and Antonio is looking to prove that he didn't cheat the first time and won't need to this time either.

Unfortunately for fight fans excited to see the bout, Margarito has been having trouble acquiring a license from the NYSAC because of a surgically repaired eye.

Some may be wondering why Margarito is even able to apply for a license after the plaster situation. The answer has multiple parts:

  • The blame was put on Margarito's trainer, Javier Capetillo. He claims he simply picked up wraps off a table as he was in a rush and it was not an intentional act. During the hearing with the commission Margarito threw Capetillo under the bus, saying he didn't understand why he would do such a thing.
  • The commission couldn't pin the fault on Margarito, finding that he actually did nothing wrong and may well have been ignorant of the entire situation.
  • Finally, the biggest part of why the suspension wouldn't have held up for over a year. In cases like these, there are standard evidence handling guidelines. It appears that there were serious problems with the chain of custody of the evidence the evening of the Mosley fight. The wraps appear to have changed hands several times during the hours that followed, including spending time with multiple members of Mosley's camp. This prevented further action from being taken, including possible legal action against Margarito and his camp.

So while it's easy to get upset with the fact that Margarito is allowed to fight, it also requires some acknowledgement of the California State Athletic Commission's failures.

More on the current state of Margarito's license after the jump.


November of 2010 saw Margarito return to an American boxing ring for the first time since his suspension to face Manny Pacquiao. Margarito displayed a ton of heart as he took a violent beating at the hands of Pacquiao for twelve rounds.

After the fight it was determined that Margarito suffered a fractured orbital bone which required surgery to fix. He then had to have an additional surgery done to repair the lens of his eye. That second surgery was done by one of the leading experts in the field and he declared the work a success. However, hose two surgeries and the health of Antonio's eye have the NYSAC hesitant to grant a license. Recent shots of Margarito on HBO's 24/7 series show where some of that concern comes from (repaired eye is Margarito's right):




Watch Cotto Vs Margarito 2 Fight


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Pacquiao vs Marquez 4 : Bob Arum is working on it?

Before talking about Pacquiao vs Marquez 4 fight, let us witness now what Oscar dela Hoya's opinion in the last fight - Pacquiao vs Marquez 3. This fight was said to be the most controversial fight. See the video below...

Pacquiao vs Marquez 4 : Bob Arum is working on it?

After Manny Pacquiao defeated Juan Manuel Marquez in a controversial majority decision, the Floyd Mayweather Jr camp wanted to fight Pacquiao on May 5, 2011. However, Top RankPromoter Bob Arum is not buying it because he looks for Pacquiao vs Marquez 4?

The Pacquiao camp is not happy with the performance of Pacquiao though he won the fight. Half of the people who watched the fight saw it differently, that Marquez should have won it or a draw.

Even the Mexican fans who were in the MGM Grand were dissatisfied for they believed that their hero Marquez won it. There were booes in when Pacquiao was announced as the winner. Even Arum felt that Marquez deserves to have another shot at Pacquiao and that he mentioned of working on the fourth fight.

Mayweather camp, however, wants to make a deal for the biggest money fight in boxing history that can reach up to $200 million revenues. Of course, Mayweather saw how Pacquiao struggled and he has to make the noise to fight him. Will he get Pacquiao despite Arum’s statement of dealing for another Pacquiao-Marquez?

In one of Arums latest interview, he actually changed his mind about the next fight of Pacquiao. Though he reiterated that he will not deal with the Mayweather camp.

“Mayweather, I hate to say it, he’s not a fighter. I want to use some other word to describe him, but I’d rather not. He doesn’t want to fight Pacquiao for sure because he’s scared,” he said.

Mayweather is scared of losing his undefeated record because he knows that Pacquiao can hit him with just a punch. On Pacquiao if he wants to fight Mayweather, he always handed the decision to Arum.

For Marquez, he looks to retire because he thought he was robbed three times already by the judges. What if Arum wants another Pacquiao-Marquez? Then we will be looking for that on May.

The question of the fourth fight boils down if other people will still have the desire to watch it. For me, the trilogy is enough. I have seen all their styles in that three fights and why should I have to see the next one?

One of the names floating around is WBO junior welterweight champion Timothy Bradley. He will likely be the next boxer in the schedule of Pacquiao. Arum will likely have an easy way of making this fight because Bradley signed with him lately.

Pacquiao vs Marquez 4, Pacquiao vs Mayweather, or Pacquiao vs Bradley will be the next biggets thing in boxing.




Watch Manny Pacquiao Next Fight


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Pacquiao vs. Marquez 3: Foot Stopper Trick? by Juan Manuel Marquez

Many people belive that the true winner of Pacquiao vs Marquez 3 is Marquez, right? Even if you will ask me, I bet Marquez is the winner.


Here are some reasons:

1. Marquez was great counter puncher

2. Marquez was agreesive the fight

3. Marquez was tough enough


Aside from the reasons above, I think you can show your opinion also on why is Marquez was the winner. Now let's talk on why Pacquiao won the fight?

Let's take a look to the Pacquiao Vs Marquez 3 Scorecard below...


It is very clear that Pacquiao won the fight. To tell you frankly, Pacquiao does not act or dance in the ring as what we have expected. Since we all witness his previous fights that he will dance it and even knocked out his opponent easily. In this fight, we can even see Pacquiao's movement that his mind was not on the fight. 

Some reasons why Pacquiao does not play the game heartily.

1. He has misunderstanding with his body and strenght conditioning coach

2. While in training, he think of his congressional job. In short, boxing now is his second choice.

3. Because of Marquez always step his foot? As you can see in the image above.


There are many reasons I think. But whoever wins, he deserves it.


Pacquiao vs Marqez 4 in Mexico?


Or Pacquiao vs Marquez 4 in GenSan?


Watch Out!


Saturday, November 12, 2011

Pacquiao Vs Marquez 3 Fight Prediction - 1 Hour Before the Fight

Pacquiao Vs Marquez 3 will be be very anxious about there forthcoming combat at MGM Grand Arena,Las Vegas, Nevada on 12 November 2011. Juan Manuel Marquez who have turned 28 yrs old having an excellent past boxing documents is certainly a gem of Mexico. But the Filipino boxer, Manny Pacquiao is people's preferred and has unmatchable past records.Though Pacquiao is five years younger than Marquez but Pacquiao has played almost same number of matches in comparison with Marquez. Pacquiao has won 53 of his 58 matches with 2 draws, Marquez has appeared in 59 matches with 53 wins and 1 draw.

 Previously, both had faced each other in 2 fights. Introduction to both matches are as follows, 


 - Manny Pacquiao vs Juan Manuel Marquez 1 -


 First bout in between Pacquiao and Marquez was held at the MGM Grand Garden Arena,Las Vegas, USA last 8 of May 2004. Manny was younger, faster and enthusiastic compared to Marquez. So Manny Pacquiao was viewed as the winner but Juan Manuel had rigorously trained at high altitude of more than 14000 feet .He was calm and was consistent with the number of punches thrown as 40 to 45 in one round.So many people estimated that Marquez also can win. 

 First round was won one sided by Pacquiao as he overpowered Marquez by figures 10-6. Pacquiao won second round 10-9. But Marquez bounced back profitable third round 9-10.And then he consecutively won round 4,5,6 as 10-9,10-9,10-9 correspondingly. Pacquiao then came back strongly with his strong and fast punches by winning round 7,8,9,10 by figures 10-9,10-9,10-9,10-9 respectively. The 11th round saw Marquez fighting back with his upper jabs and winning the round by 10-9.

 The last decisive round was very exciting and was won by Pacquiao by10-9.The fight ended as a draw according to the judge's decision. Pacquiao and Marquez scored 115 and 110 points respectively,but Pacquiao winning 7 out of 12 rounds.Many people believe that Pacquiao should have been declared as winner.So this match was a controversial draw in the boxing history.

 But the fight is still considered as one of the greatest bouts and was a life time experience for both the players and also for the live viewers who were present in the MGM grand and also the television viewers were fantasized about the boxing game.



 -Manny Pacquiao vs Juan Manuel Marquez 2:-


 This was the second bout played between them. This fight was held at Mandalay Bay Arena ,Las Vegas, USA. As usually Pacquiao took the edge over Marquez in first round but second round was won by Marquez bounced back with his superb jabs. Rounds 3 and 4 were very close ones but both were won by Pacquiao . Rounds 5 and 6 were dominated by Marquez and the fight was really turning a close one.

 But rounds 7,8,9 gave a real dramatic turn to the fight. Pacquiao started overpowering Marquez in next rounds but 12th round was good for both the fighters.

 Pacquiao won the fight by a split decision and the judges scorecards were 112-115,115-112,114-113 in favour of Pacquiao .


 And we all should hope that the third fight will decide the real champion. The fight will be unpredictable because both the fighters can defeat each others.But experts think that Pacquiao is young and fast and can be very difficult for Marquez to defend. But Marquez is also calm and is very good at counter jabs.

 It is 3 days more to go. Let us watch Pacquiao Vs Marquez 3 Fight on our TV and even here in the internet. Good luck Manny. 


Watch Pacquiao Vs Marquez Fight Online


Friday, November 11, 2011

Pacquiao vs. Marquez 3: Examining Pacquiao's Fight Progression Since it is Marquez Last Fight

Eventhough it is I think the last fight between Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez, Pacquiao still maintain his fight standing and even he double his preparation. Of course Marquez wants to beat Pacquiao. So much for that, it is already 2 days more to go. Good Luck Pacquiao and Marquez.


It is a tad silly to think that Juan Manuel Marquez knows Manny Pacquiao simply because he stepped into the ring with him for 24 rounds. This is not the same Manny Pacquiao that he saw in 2008, and not even close to the man he was in 2004. 

Marquez had his shot against Pacquiao and blew it. The constant knockdowns did in what would have been a couple of career altering wins. 

Pacquiao has hit another gear since he last fought Marquez in 2008. The only thing saving Marquez from being another body bag laying in the path of Pacquiao is if the legendary boxer has lost a step, because he has been beyond anything we have seen in the last five years. 

How we aren't on the fifth fight between these two is beyond me. The long layoffs in between rematches hurts just one fighter, and that is Marquez. 

Pacquiao has matured at an exponential rate since their last fight. What started as Pacquiao pummeling  sturdy-chinned David Diaz in he very next fight in 2008 to a maestro annihilating Shane Mosley in May, Pacquiao has grown in a few ways.



The ridiculous speed that we saw in such fights starting with Diaz was just too much for fighters. Ricky Hatton couldn't match any amount of defense that could account for the flurry. Pacquiao's instincts and speed became otherworldly in the last few years.



The one thing Pacquiao became aware of in that last couple years is that he doesn't have to engage with such wild abandon. He can sit back and let the fight come to him.

He is able to meet any boxers best attack with a stringent defense that matches instinct with patience. It may dull his fights at times, but it makes him a better fighter.



This is an amalgamation of every single thing that Pacquiao has gained in his years of fighting. Pacquiao is a master of pace and poise. He understands that he is the better boxer in the ring and will determine how the fight goes, seldom the other way around.

On Saturday, we will see a boxer that is even better than one that fought a brilliant fight in 2008. I hope Marquez is ready.


Watch Pacquiao Vs Marquez 3 Fight Online




Thursday, November 10, 2011

Pacquiao vs. Marquez 3: Pacquiao takes the high road vs. Marquez

This pictures looks like Pacquiao wants something with his hand. Does it mean that he wants more money? or he predicted that he can easily get money because he know that Marquez will knock out before 10 rounds.


If Pacquiao ever had a reason to dislike an opponent (besides Floyd Mayweather Jr., of course), it would be for his WBO welterweight title fight against Juan Manuel Marquez on Saturday (HBO pay-per-view, 9 p.m. ET) atMGM Grand.

This is their third fight — the first two in 2004 and 2008 ended in a draw and a Pacquiao victory — and Marquez has no doubt he won both fights. And he lets everyone know that wherever he goes, including the Philippines. In Pacquiao's home country Marquez handed out T-shirts saying that he won their first two fights.

So what kind of trash-talk does Pacquiao muster up for that one? "I'm not angry at Marquez; it's his freedom to do that," Pacquiao before Wednesday's news conference. "He's my friend, but once we get inside the ring, we have business to do. I want to be an example (of) a good fighter, not a trash-talker."

Pacquiao's trainer, Freddie Roach, has been known to stir the pot now and then, and he says there's a little more to it than what Pacquiao would admit.

"I think it was a slap in the face to Manny that (Marquez) went to the Philippines and tried to give out T-shirts that said he beat Manny twice and tried to get Manny's countrymen against him," Roach said Wednesday. "And saying that he was robbed. They were good close fights, but there were no robberies in my mind.

"Yeah, it was a slap in the face to Manny. And Mayweather, by the accusations he's made, I don't think Manny likes him too much, either."

Marquez (53-5-1, 39 KOs) pushed for an immediate rematch after the first fight, but it took four years to make. He definitely wanted a third fight quickly to settle the score, but that never happened.

Now, at 38, he finally gets his chance against Pacquiao, and he's ready, he says, even though the fight is three years late.

"I ask myself that question a lot. Why wasn't there an immediate rematch? Things happen for a reason," Marquez said. "I always say, 'What doesn't kill you will make you stronger.' "

Marquez appears to have bulked up considerably from his last couple of fights, when he fought at lightweight (135 pounds) twice and super lightweight (140) the last time out, all victories.

This fight will be at 144 pounds, 3 pounds under the welterweight limit. The last time Marquez fought at more than 140 pounds (147), he looked slow in getting nearly shut out by Mayweather.

Marquez's new strength coach, Angel Hernandez, has a history of being involved with performance-enhancing drugs and had to defend himself on HBO's third installment of24/7: Pacquiao vs. Marquez.

Marquez, asked about Hernandez on Wednesday, said, "I want to make a clean fight. I've done clean preparation for this fight, like I have always done."

However, a bulked-up Marquez, one of the great ring tacticians and counterpunchers of this era, plays right into Pacquiao's hands, Roach thinks.

"With all the muscle Marquez has put on, I don't think he wants to be the counterpuncher in this fight," Roach said. "He tells me he's going to use his strength, and the only way you use your strength is to throw punches. I think he's going to come out fast, and I don't think he's going to be counterpunching. That will fall into our hands very well though."

Pacquiao (53-3-2, 38 KOs) also thinks it will be to his advantage. "I've been fighting in a higher weight division, and I'm quicker and faster than him.

"The question is, putting on this weight, will he be as fast as before? It's not easy to maintain your speed when you put more weight in your body."

Pacquiao, who won his first title at 112 pounds, ought to know.


Watch Pacquiao vs Marquez 3 Online





Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Pacquiao Vs. Marquez: Marquez Says Manny's Style Presents Opportunities

Now, base on Marquez studies from their last two fights - Pacquiao Vs Marquez, he can finally conclude on what will be the best opportunity to hit Pacquiao that can bring him to the ground. Really? sound interesting, it is already 4 days more to go. People can't wait the final decision between the two ring warrior. 


Juan Manuel Marquez did not fare well in his last trip up in weight to face one of the sport's most elite fighters. Floyd Mayweather, Jr. dominated and picked apart Marquez, even tasting the canvas at the hands of a Floyd punch. The results of that fight have many wondering why anything different should be expected when Marquez meets Manny Pacquiao this Saturday night.

Marquez and Pacquiao have met twice previously, both fights were great and very competitive. The difference this time is the added strength and size of Pacquiao.

Juan says that, in the end, it's about styles, not size (via ESPN):

"The biggest difference, obviously, is that Mayweather doesn't come to fight," he told a small group of reporters at the MGM on Monday. "He's a defensive fighter, he's not going to give you anything." By contrast, "Pacquiao is a great fighter, a spectacular fighter who's coming for you. We're going to be ready for him, and if he makes a mistake, we're going to make him pay for it. The other guy wouldn't make a mistake. He wouldn't fight."


"They always say that styles make fights, and I think my style happens to be difficult," he said. "All boxers have a difficult opponent, and I guess my style is the most difficult for Pacquiao."

One can only hope that he is right. After a string of disappointing boxing pay-per-view main events it would be great to see Pacquiao and Marquez bring the same fire from their first two meetings. 

Marquez is a truly great fighter and one of the best of his generation, if his style really just is the right one to trouble Pacquiao even at this bigger weight, we might just see something special.

Follow our coverage of Pacquiao vs. Marquez 3 here at MMA Nation and at our boxing blog Bad Left Hook.


Watch Pacquiao vs Marquez 3 Fight


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Pacquiao vs. Marquez: What is Dinamita's technique?

Marquez reveals the best way on how to win over Pacquiao. Let us know what are the strategies of Marquez in order to beat Pacquiao in this trilogy fight. It is already 4 days more to go. The war of the ring will be happen.

Juan Manuel Marquez will pull off a huge upset if he can execute the following game plan. It certainly won't be easy, but it also isn't impossible.




Marquez cannot try and force the action in this fight. If he does he will quickly be roaming the world of the unconscious.


Marquez cannot let himself get deterred from this game plan. This is a lot easier in theory than in practice. In the immortal words of Mike Tyson, "Everyone has a plan until you punch them in the mouth."


A couple of shots hard shots from Pacquiao, and Marquez's instincts will be to go on the attack. However, he cannot allow himself to fall into this trap. He needs to remain patient while focusing on the next two plans of attack.


Priority on Defense

Marquez first priority needs to be on his defense. Pacquiao's power, especially with his right, is much greater than the last time these two fought. Marquez has to make sure as few of those right hands land as possible.

He will have to have the defensive fight of his life to have a chance in this one. This will not only help him wear Pacquiao down, but it will play right into the next point of emphasis.


Destroy with Counter-Punching

Marquez's strength as a boxer is his counter-punching ability. The more he can get Pacquiao to miss, the more he will have a chance to attack with counter-punches.

Marquez has to be quick and accurate with his counter-punches. He must take advantage of as many chances to counter as possible.

This is where he can afford to take his big shots and go for a knockout.


Watch Pacquiao Vs Marquez Fight Online



Saturday, November 5, 2011

Pacquiao vs. Marquez 3: What Manny Must Do to Avoid Major Upset Against Dinamita Marquez

Marquez angry Pacquiao because of he lost last fight? Yes, Marquez have pride and according to him using his emotion he can finally win Pacquiao with this coming fight. That means that he will drive his feelings of upset? Do you believe that it can really help winning against pacquiao?


Manny "Pac-Man" Pacquiao will deservedly be a heavy favorite when he takes on "Dinamita" Juan Manuel Marquez for what figures to be the third and final time on Nov. 12, but Marquez is not an opponent Pacquiao can afford to take lightly.

I'm sure Pacquiao is already aware of this, as he has engaged in two incredibly close fights with Marquez already. The two fought to a draw in their first meeting, and Pacquiao was granted a highly controversial split decision victory in their second encounter.

Pacquiao has already played with fire twice, and if he does it again, he is bound to get burned. That is why Pac-Man needs to have a very clear strategy heading into the fight. Here are three things Pacquiao must do to avoid what would be an absolutely crippling upset loss.


Stick to the Game Plan

While Juan Manuel Marquez isn't a particularly overpowering or dominant boxer at this point in his career, he is just that, a boxer. Marquez has been in all types of situations in his career, and won't likely be surprised by anything Pacquiao does. The wily, old veteran can also be very frustrating to fight against, but Pacquiao will have to push through it.

It is conceivable that Pac-Man will have trouble executing early on in the fight, but he can't stray from what usually works. Marquez is quite good defensively, and may be a bit evasive to start, but Pacquiao is ultimately on top of his game while Marquez is somewhat in decline. With that in mind, if Pacquiao fights his fight, he should be just fine.


Stay Aggressive

If you remain complacent against Juan Manuel Marquez, he is the type of fighter that can point you to death and steal a fight. He nearly did it twice, in fact, to Manny Pacquiao. It is safe to say that the only reason why Pacquiao was able to win their second bout was because of an early knockdown. That isn't to say he should actively seek a knockdown or knockout, but he shouldn't lay back either.

Pacquiao is aggressive by nature, so this shouldn't be a problem, but fighters tend to get out of their element at times in big situations. If Pacquiao takes his foot off the pedal even a bit, then it will open the door a crack for Marquez. There is no question that Marquez can steal some rounds, so Pacquiao has to make sure the judges know he is the aggressor.


Don't Leave Any Doubt

In the first two contests between Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez, there was reasonable doubt with regards to who actually won the fights. Because of that, the results were a draw and a much-debated split decision win for Pac-Man. His struggles against Marquez would seem to be the only true blemish on Pacquiao's career to this point, so he will have to make it known to everyone who the winner is on Nov. 12.

This could mean a knockout, as that is as definitive as it gets, but it doesn't necessarily have to be. If Pacquiao pummels Marquez throughout the fight, clearly wins the majority of the rounds and wins easily by unanimous decision, then that will suffice as well. Basically, Pac-Man simply needs to make sure that there is no way even a single judge could consider scoring the bout in Marquez's favor. If he does that, then it will be yet another feather in the cap that is his fine career.


Watch Pacquiao Vs Marquz 3 Fight Live


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pacquiao vs. Marquez: Third Fight Won't Live Up to Lofty Expectations

What do we expect in Pacquiao Vs Marquez 3? Pacquiao and Marquez know each other in terms of boxing because they were fighting each other two times. When asking about what do expect more for this decision fight? Of course we expect a good fight coming from Marquez. We will expect better and far more better and more more intertaining war inside the ring.


Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez know each other so well it's scary. That's why the third fight between these two is one of the most anticipated of the year. Unfortunately, the expectations won't be able to match the hype. 

The first time that Pacquiao and Marquez fought was in 2004. It was a terrific back and forth bout, and Pacquiao actually knocked him down three times in the first round, but Marquez was able to hold on and battled back to force a draw from the judges. 

The result was controversial, with both men claiming that they had a right to victory. One of the judges later claimed that he made a scoring error and Pacquiao should have won a split decision. 

The second time they locked horns was in 2008. This time it was Pacquiao who earned a split decision victory, but Marquez actually landed more punches and was more precise with his striking. 

Throwing fuel on top of the fire is the fact that Marquez keeps telling the world that he should have won those first two fights and this third match is a long time coming.

“That’s why I want the third fight,” Marquez said in an interview with the Las Vegas Sun. “I thought I won the first fight and the second one as well—clearly.” 

But with so much history, so much anticipation and so many expectations for these two men to live up to, it is going to be impossible for them to leave the fans satisfied and smiling. 


Watch Pacquiao Vs Marquez 3 Fight


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pacquiao vs. Marquez 3: Marquez is not afraid of Pacquiao, why?

Pacquiao Vs Marquez 3: Of course Marquez does not afraid of Pacquiao. We can even hear over news that Marquez said he will win the foght with confident. Marquez will use his deep strategy in order to dominate Pacquiao is just a few rounds. So, Pacquiao would be very caredul.


Call it bluster, call it hype, call it a lie if you want to, but Juan Manuel Marquez says he's not afraid of Manny Pacquiao heading into their November 12 fight at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, live on HBO pay-per-view.

"I have no fear to Pacquiao. I will do my best in the ring and I am very calm. ... [I will beat Pacquiao] with intelligence. I'm sure this time, Manny will use his right hand more, but I'm working to be ready for whatever he brings," Marquez said.

Of course, they've been in the ring twice, but it's been a while, and Manny has indeed developed a far stronger right hand than he had in the second fight, and the right hand he had then was a lot better in 2008 than it was in 2004, when they first met.

Personally, this goes with a lot of the other stuff Marquez says: I believe it. That doesn't mean I think it makes this a better fight. There are criticisms of the fight, and I understand that. But I'm excited for it. They're two great fighters, fearless guys who will someday be in the Hall of Fame. Marquez is Manny's greatest rival. I don't have any doubt that he and Nacho Beristain will have a good game plan in a couple of weeks. I do wonder if they can do much with it.


Watch Pacquiao Vs Marquez 3 Fight

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