Friday, November 11, 2011

Pacquiao vs. Marquez 3: Examining Pacquiao's Fight Progression Since it is Marquez Last Fight

Eventhough it is I think the last fight between Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez, Pacquiao still maintain his fight standing and even he double his preparation. Of course Marquez wants to beat Pacquiao. So much for that, it is already 2 days more to go. Good Luck Pacquiao and Marquez.


It is a tad silly to think that Juan Manuel Marquez knows Manny Pacquiao simply because he stepped into the ring with him for 24 rounds. This is not the same Manny Pacquiao that he saw in 2008, and not even close to the man he was in 2004. 

Marquez had his shot against Pacquiao and blew it. The constant knockdowns did in what would have been a couple of career altering wins. 

Pacquiao has hit another gear since he last fought Marquez in 2008. The only thing saving Marquez from being another body bag laying in the path of Pacquiao is if the legendary boxer has lost a step, because he has been beyond anything we have seen in the last five years. 

How we aren't on the fifth fight between these two is beyond me. The long layoffs in between rematches hurts just one fighter, and that is Marquez. 

Pacquiao has matured at an exponential rate since their last fight. What started as Pacquiao pummeling  sturdy-chinned David Diaz in he very next fight in 2008 to a maestro annihilating Shane Mosley in May, Pacquiao has grown in a few ways.



The ridiculous speed that we saw in such fights starting with Diaz was just too much for fighters. Ricky Hatton couldn't match any amount of defense that could account for the flurry. Pacquiao's instincts and speed became otherworldly in the last few years.



The one thing Pacquiao became aware of in that last couple years is that he doesn't have to engage with such wild abandon. He can sit back and let the fight come to him.

He is able to meet any boxers best attack with a stringent defense that matches instinct with patience. It may dull his fights at times, but it makes him a better fighter.



This is an amalgamation of every single thing that Pacquiao has gained in his years of fighting. Pacquiao is a master of pace and poise. He understands that he is the better boxer in the ring and will determine how the fight goes, seldom the other way around.

On Saturday, we will see a boxer that is even better than one that fought a brilliant fight in 2008. I hope Marquez is ready.


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