Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Pacquiao Vs. Marquez: Marquez Says Manny's Style Presents Opportunities

Now, base on Marquez studies from their last two fights - Pacquiao Vs Marquez, he can finally conclude on what will be the best opportunity to hit Pacquiao that can bring him to the ground. Really? sound interesting, it is already 4 days more to go. People can't wait the final decision between the two ring warrior. 


Juan Manuel Marquez did not fare well in his last trip up in weight to face one of the sport's most elite fighters. Floyd Mayweather, Jr. dominated and picked apart Marquez, even tasting the canvas at the hands of a Floyd punch. The results of that fight have many wondering why anything different should be expected when Marquez meets Manny Pacquiao this Saturday night.

Marquez and Pacquiao have met twice previously, both fights were great and very competitive. The difference this time is the added strength and size of Pacquiao.

Juan says that, in the end, it's about styles, not size (via ESPN):

"The biggest difference, obviously, is that Mayweather doesn't come to fight," he told a small group of reporters at the MGM on Monday. "He's a defensive fighter, he's not going to give you anything." By contrast, "Pacquiao is a great fighter, a spectacular fighter who's coming for you. We're going to be ready for him, and if he makes a mistake, we're going to make him pay for it. The other guy wouldn't make a mistake. He wouldn't fight."


"They always say that styles make fights, and I think my style happens to be difficult," he said. "All boxers have a difficult opponent, and I guess my style is the most difficult for Pacquiao."

One can only hope that he is right. After a string of disappointing boxing pay-per-view main events it would be great to see Pacquiao and Marquez bring the same fire from their first two meetings. 

Marquez is a truly great fighter and one of the best of his generation, if his style really just is the right one to trouble Pacquiao even at this bigger weight, we might just see something special.

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