Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Marquez criticizes Mayweather, Ortiz


MANILA, Philippines – Mexican boxer Juan Manuel Marquez is critical of both new WBC welterweight champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. and the man he defeated, Victor Ortiz.

"I think what Victor Ortiz did is unacceptable. A head butt is something for the street and not worthy for a professional boxer in the ring," Marquez told

"And Mayweather, he would retaliate with more street fighting," he added.

In the pivotal 4th round of the Mayweather-Ortiz bout, Ortiz drove Mayweather to a corner and headbutted him.

The referee Joe Cortez deducted a point from Ortiz, who profusely apologized to Mayweather.

But after Ortiz apologized for the 3rd time, Mayweather rocked him with a 1-2 combination that dropped him to the canvas, ending the bout.

Marquez feels both boxers' actions were inappropriate and unsportsmanlike.

He said there will be no shenanigans when he fights Filipino boxing champion Manny Pacquiao on November 12.

"Despite the referee's advising you in the dressing room, telling you that you should always protect yourself, there is something called professionalism. There is sportsmanship and professionalism," he said.

"The November 12 fight against Pacquiao will be fair and you can look for a clear winner in the ring," Marquez added.

Marquez also questioned the actions of referee Cortez.

"The referee says you should never let your guard down, but the referee never restarted the fight. It is controversial what they did," Marquez said.

He believes the bout should ultimately have been marked as invalid.

"The referee must stop the bout to speak to a commissioner in the ring and then restart the fight. They give Mayweather a knockout and there is serious error with everyone, including the Commission of Nevada," Marquez said.

He added, "A fight that was starting to turn good was spoiled for everyone."




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