Friday, January 27, 2012

Underdog Boxing: Is some sort of 50-50 separate fair for Pacquiao and Mayweather?


Quite a bunch of factors so why the aspiration combat between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather haven't taken place yet. The issues about where of course, if the battle will be held and know about medicine tests that will take place are just a few of the numerous reasons. But as of the moment, the most important roadblock to help producing the combats looks like it's in regards to the cash.


A few months ago, news writers from your Philippines cited Pacquiao when he said that he would prefer to take small purse. Then a few days back, Mayweather and Pacquiao discussed on the phone where Pacquiao said that he lacks the situations taking the fight as long as they divided up the purse down the center.


Following that conversation, the boxing world suddenly felt that there is a possible chance that the fight will likely be made. The two boxers talked and they did actually have allowed us create the fight. Nevertheless, that little shimmer of desire is useless ever again.


In an meeting with ESPN Mayweather said â??He (Pacquiao) enquired in regards to 50/50 divided up, and We told him no that will can't happen. But what might happen is you possibly can make extra money fighting me than you made in your career. â?


Mayweatherâ??s contention facilities on his pay-per-view selling capacities. In his last five fights Mayweather could sell 2. 4 million against Oscar de la Hoya, 920, 000 next to Ricky Hatton, 1. 05 with Juan Manuel Marquez, 1. 4 million towards Shane Mosley, together with 1. 25 million next to Victor Ortiz.


Pacquiao in contrast who has sold 1. 25 million against Miguel Cotto, 600, 000 against Clottey, 1. 15 million against Antonio Margarito, 1. 3 next to Mosley, and 1. forty-five million against Marquez.


Summing every thing up, Mayweather has sold a lot more than 7 million pay-per-views while Pacquiao sold less than 6 million, both within their last five fights.


If you take their last seven fights into mind which includes Pacquiaoâ??s fights against de la Hoya which sold 1. 25 million and against Hatton which sold 800, 000 together with Mayweatherâ??s fights against Carlos Baldomir and Zab Judah then their own buys are almost alike.


If you ask people, a 50-50 split is actually fair. Both fighters will only make this kind of money against each many other. But we canâ??t expect Mayweather to understand this. He thinks he is the savior of boxing. He thinks he has no peer, so in their own mind, no one deserves the same share of the cake with him.


The just solution here, at least in my view, is a 55-50 split. Give both fighters the expected amount to make Pacquiao happy then bump off Mayweatherâ??s split a tad further to satisfy their ego. This is a sane solution which will make everybody happy.


The problem though is that sane solutions are actually not the expertise with the people involved in creating this fight. Parties would rather take an all out publicity war rather than to sit down and try to hammer out a deal that can finally make this fight a fact.

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